About the Mindfulness Expo

The Mindfulness Expo has something for everyone! Whether you’re just stepping into the world of spirituality and meditation, or have walked this path for a while, there is a class for you. Create your own schedule. Attend one class, or attend as many classes as you’d like. Our 50 minute workshops will reset your mind with clarity, and your heart with connection. Don’t want to attend any classes? Check out the vast array of exhibitor booths. Tickets are only $35. Yet, nourishing your soul and connecting with like minded people is priceless. Come join us at this all encompassing one-day event, and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!

Our Founder

Michelle Zarrin is a messenger of the internal world. An inspirational speaker, meditation teacher and spiritual guide, she’s decoded profound elements about life that have the power to help individuals connect on deeper levels to the possibilities present to them. Her meditations have received more than 1 million downloads worldwide, on the Insight Timer app.

A background in Social Ecology and Psychology coupled with over 3500 meditation hours are the cornerstones of her genuine connection to the spiritual realm, the home of each person’s Higher Purpose. Michelle is the author of “From My Heart to Yours: Based on a True Story.”

To receive free weekly spiritual teachings, sign up via her website MichelleZarrin.com

A personal note from Michelle:

The power of the mind, meditation and the world of spirituality are the most powerful gifts I have come into in this lifetime. They are the cornerstone for attaining not only a quality life, but for attaining ALL we want.

It is a world that is humbling and empowering all at the same time.

And nothing gives me more joy than to share the universal truths of meditation and spirituality. I want every person on this planet to understand and embody the power that resides within.