What is Meditation?


Our existence is composed of two worlds, the internal and the external. The external world encompasses our careers, our material possessions, and other people. The internal world includes our spirit, intuition, and guiding light (all terms equivalent to the Higher Self), as well as the laws of the universe. The bridge aligning the two worlds is the breath.

By sitting in stillness and focusing on the breath, one calms the mind and unites with the Higher Self. The simple act of acknowledging thoughts, without judging them, and gently refocusing on the breath has immense power. Performed throughout a sitting of meditation, it conveys a large lesson in life. It instills within a person the willingness to not judge when we veer off our path and to gently come back to our journey. For those who are perfectionists, it softens the odyssey of life. For those who lack organization, it sharpens the focus, intention and purpose for the day and ultimately, life.

When a person is able to attain a few minutes, or even a few seconds of stillness within the mind, that stillness is the ‘space within.’ It comprises the internal world. In this world, our purpose, love, compassion, peace, creativity, light and courage reside. By continuously tapping into – and hence strengthening the connection to – the serenity of the internal world, one develops deep roots of pure self-concept, amidst the chaos of life. The deep wisdom of the laws of the universe also resides within the internal world, allowing one to better understand the inherent meanings behind attraction, giving, intention, cause and effect, and gratitude, to name just a few.

Meditation is a discipline: one needs to maintain the practice each day. Some days, it is easier to tap into the stillness; other days it will take longer. However, when a person adds up those few seconds or few minutes of stillness over a period of weeks, months and years, they will recognize profound changes. The relationship of the ‘space within’ and the internal world will have a clearer, deeper and more intense connection.

The breath, guided by the discipline of meditation, is one of the most important tools in life. Ultimately, there is no experience more inspiring, powerful and beautiful than a journey into one’s own soul.