Meditation Tips


Meditation Tip #1:    There is no such thing as a bad meditation. The world of the formless functions differently than the world of form. With our meditation practice, all we have to do is maintain the discipline each day. The way to attain results is to show up each day and try to release thoughts/focus on our breath. Peace, clarity, and all other benefits of meditation, will naturally unfold on their own.

Meditation Tip #2:   Consistency is key. To reap the benefits of meditation, we have to maintain a daily practice. Sitting when we feel like it may produce temporary peace and clarity. But for lasting benefits of meditation, a daily practice must be kept. Even if some days we meditate for a few minutes, to maintain the consistency, that is okay.

Meditation Tip #3:  Your mind will think during meditation. Some sittings it will run rampant with thoughts. This is normal. That is what the mind is designed to do… It is designed to think. The average human being has 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day. Through a meditation practice, you’ll learn the art of moving past the thoughts, into the quiet part of yourself where your truth, purpose, peace and joy reside.

Meditation Tip #4:  Let’s say you set the timer for ten minutes, to meditate for that long. And during those ten minutes, you attain one second of no thought. That one second is your meditation for the day. When you add up these seconds day after day, week after week, and month after month, is when you’ll notice profound changes in your life.

Meditation Tip #5:  The more we expect results from our meditation practice, the less we will attain results. With meditation, it is not about doing. It is simply about being. Less equals more.